The 3 week ketogenic diet-21 days to a new you!

A New you are waiting for The 3 Week Ketogenic Diet!

For years women struggle with losing weight.  The stress of life takes its toll and let’s not even talk about cutting out the wine or coffee! The 3 Week Ketogenic Diet is different.  Let’s hear more.

The problem with weight loss programs is that not all of them work with a women’s lifestyle. A diet or lifestyle changes have to be something you can do for the rest of your life otherwise it won’t work.

Calorie cutting can work for a time but then something happens, and you ended up eating the whole buffet because your mind has been starved of food for so long.  Let’s find how The 3 Week Ketogenic Diet helps.

The 3 week ketogenic diet

The 3 week ketogenic diet

What is The 3 Week Ketogenic Diet?

Keto or Ketogenic is a process of reversing what made you fat in simple terms.  So how did we get fat?  It didn’t just happen overnight.

Because of a busy life, these days and the processed food is so easy to grab on the go makes are macronutrients high in Carbohydrates.

With Ketogenic 3 week diet you will be reversing this by reducing your carbohydrates and increasing your fat and protein.

The 3 week ketogenic diet

The 3 week ketogenic diet

Why Does The 3 Week Ketogenic Diet work?

The main reason why the Keto or Ketogenic diet works is because of your not reducing what you eat, you’re just changing what kind of foods you eat.

Also, you are not cutting out all carbohydrates aka processed food.

The other part of this diet that works well is that it takes time for the weight to come off but it does come off slowly.

We would love it if the fat came off overnight, but the truth is that you didn’t put the fat on overnight.  You can lose 5 pounds in a day.  It will all be water weight, and you will gain back the next day, but you can lose weight fast.  The problem is that you can gain it back fast.

When it takes time to lose weight (2 to 5 pounds a week) over time, you will keep it off because what your doing is changing habits.

Once these habits become a lifestyle, you don’t even want to eat poorly anymore.  You will be surprised that certain desserts that you ate may make you sick because your body is no longer able to handle that much sugar.

The 3 Week Ketogenic diet reviews

The 3 week Ketogenic diet review

The 3 week Ketogenic diet review

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