How To Lose Weight Fast (Step 4) Knowing That You Are!

Is Weight Loss Actually Losing weight?

We all want to be better looking, but people get this confused with weight loss.  Weight loss is the term that is used across the internet and fitness community. Looking fit and healthy is the real goal.

If you search the internet, you will find pictures for transformation were people that would starve themselves to be skinny and had to find ways to gain weight because their ribs and shoulder bones are sticking out.

Why weight doesn’t matter in weight loss!

Our goal is to look better like this picture below.  Even the way a women looks has changed with the Crossfit community and that is great.

How to know if your losing weight

How to know if your losing weight

Why what your weight means doesn’t matter!

We have figured out that we need to eat the right kinds of foods that will cause our body to drop fat and gain muscle.

Our weight will go up and down as our body changes. The reason why we don’t care about how much we weigh is that we care about our body fat percentage.

Body fat percentage is the difference between fat and muscle. If you use a scale that only shows you your weight, throws it away.

How to know your losing weight

How to know your losing weight

The new type of scales like this one above is unbelievable with what they measure. This scale is also cheap and it is $30.  I think one of the best things we have spent money on to lose weight.

This scale you download an app to your phone and then the uses Bluetooth to sync with the app. It tells you your body weight, your body fat percentage, and nine other factors.

It also keeps track of all the information so you can see how you’re improving.

To purchase this scale just click on the image of it above and it will take you to

Now Let’s get into how you change fat into muscle!



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