How to lose weight fast (Step 3) Eating Healthy

Don’t stick that in your mouth!

Notice that we have not talked about working out yet when it comes to losing weight.  That is because if you don’t get what you put into your body right, it won’t matter how hard you workout.

Top Olympic athletes struggle with this when they retire.  They will consume 6000 calories a day because they will be burning 10,000,  They’re just trying to not pass out during a workout.

Once they retire, they’re not doing 5 to six workout a day, and the athlete still eats like they can eat anything and shortly afterward the athlete will start putting on weight.

How do you starting right?

How to lose weight and eat right

How to lose weight and eat right

Soda is the first thing you have to give up.  Soda and high fructose Syrup drinks are one of the worst weight gainers out there. Besides being full of empty calories, it is as addictive as crack cocaine.

The best way that helped people kick this habit is drink diet coke out of a metal can that is cold.  For some reason the metal makes it taste better.

There are several ways out there, and with a little research, you will find a way to quit soda.  Finding the willpower to do this is where Step one came in.

People will say diet coke is bad also and that it can cause cancer and other problems.  Research it and see what you find.

We had met a guy that had lost over a hundred pounds using this formula of the My Fitness Pal app and changing is Marcos.  He would still drink seven diet cokes a day and lose weight.

How to stop eating fast food:

How to lose weight fast food

How to lose weight fast food

You have to stop eating this if you are. We’re not trying to be your mother.  We’re trying to help. We can’t eat fast food anymore because of gluten.

Yeah, not that “I’m healthy gluten thing.”  The “if we have gluten run to the bathroom for an hour.”  Terrible gluten causes brain fog and loss of feeling in our feet by affecting the nerve pathways.  That will make you quite fast food quickly.

In the picture above, you will see fast food that is over a year old and hasn’t rotten. Test it yourself, or maybe you have found a french fry in your car. Do you ever wonder why there is no mold on it?

It took us years to kick this habit but you can too.  It just takes a little awareness about what kind of foods you can eat and how to make them.

Things are getting better but not great.

When you start grocery shopping or if you do already, you need to make it a priority to look at the package for carbohydrates, protein, and fat. If you make bad decisions at the store, you will make bad decisions at home. These foods become worse than fast food because you can buy shit food in bulk.

Instead of fast food, we have Family size Cheetos.  Crap food surrounds us, and we need to start removing it from the cart. This goes back to you scanning everything you eat with the my fitness pal app.

You will start realizing that some food is not worth the grams of carbs that they’re made out of.  This awareness that we spoke of before is going to help when you get to the grocery store.  You will walk right by that crap and go for the chicken or fish.

One trick to help you get out of the store with only healthy foods is to allow yourself to have a snack at the checkout.  We did this, and when we got to check out, we forgot to grab it, so we got out of the store without any shit food. Try it and see if it works.

What are the right foods to buy to lose weight?

You want to find foods that have high protein and low carbohydrates. Here are some ideas:

  • Chicken Breast
  • Tilapia fish or any fish
  • 90/10 Hamburger
  • Eggs
  • Protein shakes

One trick that helped us is how we prepared the food.  If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, buy one. Like the metal diet, coke can there is something about cast iron that makes chicken and vegetables taste better.

For the Tilapia cook it in olive oil, and for chicken, we slice it up into chunks and use powder barbecue on it.

Preparation matters:

If you didn’t read step one about the mindset you have to get into to lose weight go back now.  Prepping your food is going to take the bad decision out of your thought pattern. Look out our diet or lifestyle plan for the day.

Wake up

Starbucks Grande Mocha not every day (Yes this has 60 grams of sugar. We will take about this later)

Breakfast 3 egg with cheese and ham chunks (High Protein and go to meal)

Supplement of choice CLA, Forskolin and 1000 MG (2) of Fish Oil

Lunch A  Chicken Breast chunks with barbecue, lettuce and Cesar dressing

Lunch B Tilapia filet with tartar sauce

Lunch C Protein Shake

Dinner A Tilapia filet with tartar sauce

Dinner B Chicken salad or steak if eating out.

Dinner C Protein Shake

Late Night go to’s

Three egg with cheese and ham chunks (High Protein and go to meal)

Protein Shake

Once you have these meals that are right for you and work with your macros, it is easy just to whip them up.  Healthy snacks can be Apples with peanut butter or other fruits and vegetables that you can dip into something sweet if you have cravings.

Cheat Meals!

This will become less and less, but we all need something from time to time.  The fittest people in the world still fall off from time to time.

Everyone once and a while we will get a peanut butter cup blended shake or eat a whole gluten-free pizza. It happens so track and forget. If it happens more than once a week, you need to go back step one and get your mindset right.

You maybe asking how know if your losing weight? Click on the button to find out.

How to know if your losing weight

How to know if your losing weight


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