KetoLogic Keto 30 – 30-Day Bundle – Suppresses Appetite/Promotes Weight Loss/Increases Energy/Low Carb – Strawberry Meal Replacement MCT Shake and Apple-Pear BHB Salts

February 11, 2019 - Comment

THE KETO 30 Bundle is designed to be consumed during THE KETO 30 Challenge, but can also be used in conjunction with any low-carb diet as needed. Our 30-day program involves 4 simple daily steps:1. Replace 1 meal with a KetoLogic MRP2. Eat 2 low-carb meals3. Drink 1-2 KetoLogic BHBs4. Get moving! After 30 days,

THE KETO 30 Bundle is designed to be consumed during THE KETO 30 Challenge, but can also be used in conjunction with any low-carb diet as needed. Our 30-day program involves 4 simple daily steps:
1. Replace 1 meal with a KetoLogic MRP
2. Eat 2 low-carb meals
3. Drink 1-2 KetoLogic BHBs
4. Get moving!

After 30 days, your body will be transformed and you’ll feel and sleep better than ever. You’ll also have more energy and improved mental focus and clarity.

Here are some testimonials from people who have completed THE KETO 30 Challenge:

“I started dropping weight immediately, but maintained strength and energy for grueling CrossFit WODs, maintained good energy levels throughout the day without mid-day slumps or crashes, and slept much better. In mere days, I went from feeling crappy from all the carbs I was eating to feeling lighter, more energized, and more present for the people in my life. Change is hard and scary, but nothing ever worth doing is easy. This is an investment in life that is totally worth making and this lifestyle and the results you can achieve are totally worth leaving an old, unhealthy lifestyle for. The KetoLogic products and the support found on the website, the social media support group pages, etc. make it easy.” – Bill K., 46

“I’m so glad this new way of eating was introduced to me. I can’t believe that being in ketosis can have so many positive health benefits. I love the changes in my body and have never felt as strong as I do today. It was fun watching my body change and become more muscular and less flabby. [My advice is] try it! It is totally worth it and you will feel great during it.” – Carrie M., 40

“It’s so much better to have a plan and have products to base your day on. The recommendation of one MRP shake, 2 servings of BHB, and 2 healthy keto meals a day has been a great foundation for me to plan my days around. I looked forward to waking up so I could make an MRP shake! I sleep better. I focus better. I stopped having that afternoon crash. I love talking about it and encouraging others to try it.” – Kristen H., 40

Product Features

  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR SWEETENERS: KetoLogic MRP and KetoLogic BHB are both free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Our MRP  is also gluten-free and made with grass-fed whey. Our BHB is also vegetarian, vegan (except for Cucumber-Lime), dairy-free, gluten-free, and free from GMO ingredients.
  • DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH THE KETO 30 PROGRAM: Consume 1 KetoLogic MRP in place of a meal, enjoy 2 KetoLogic BHBs throughout the day, and eat 2 low-carb meals. Add in a few workouts a week. Watch your body transform in 30 days.
  • CONVENIENT AND DELICIOUS: KetoLogic MRPs and KetoLogic BHBs are convenient and delicious fuel sources for anyone, including those on a low-carb or ketogenic diet.
  • PROMOTES FAT LOSS: KetoLogic MRP contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which promote weight loss and fat oxidation while boosting your metabolism.
  • BOOSTS KETONES: Highly ketogenic, KetoLogic MRPs and KetoLogic BHBs help you achieve ketosis when accompanied with a low-carb diet.
  • SUPPRESSES APPETITE: KetoLogic MRP decreases your appetite and keeps you full and satiated for hours. KetoLogic BHB decreases your hunger and curbs carb cravings while providing the energy you need to get through your workout or your work day.
  • FUELS MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: BHB is an energy-dense molecule that naturally fuels your brain, heart, and muscles during periods of low-carbohydrate intake.
  • MINIMIZES “KETO FLU” EFFECTS: KetoLogic BHB contains electrolytes which can help address any potential deficiencies encountered during the start of a low-carb diet.


Anonymous says:

simple oh so simple and works! Have lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks – following the simple plan this lays out makes it an easy diet to follow. So many ‘keto’ diets have menus/meal ideas that are way to involved to be realistic for someone who works 50 hrs a week that it simply wont fit into my life, but this is easy. It sets up a simple structure to follow. For the week I have a salad with protein for lunch and then the second meal is often the same, boring? but effective. Focus on your goal and follow this for two weeks, once you…

Anonymous says:

HELPS WITH CHARLIE HORSES…and Lost 2″ off my waist & hips in 1 month! I used the MCT Meal Replacement and BHB as a part of a 30-day Keto challenge. In that timeframe I lost 10 pounds which ended up being 2″ off my waist and 2″ of my hips!First off, I love the flavor of both & look forward to trying some of the other flavors too! Some things I observed for each supplement:MCT Meal Replacement- It’s awesome to have this as an option when you need something quick. I didn’t always have time to prepare a meal, and this was…

Anonymous says:

Best diet purchase to date I started my “New Year, New You” phase a little early due to an impending vacation. I have done a paleo diet before and have heard lots about Keto diets nowadays. Giving this diet a try, I needed some supplements to help fill in any nutrition gaps. I could not be happier with what I found!! The strawberry meal replacement tastes almost identical to a McDonald’s shake and left me satisfied for hours. Along with a scoop of BHB in the afternoon, I feel re-energized and ready for the gym after…

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